Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shool Bus Safety

Yesterday at Alex's school they celebrated School Bus Safety Week. This is a yearly opportunity for the young kids to meet the bus drivers, check out the bus, go through the emergency exits,etc. Alex wanted to ride the bus with the big kids since kindergarten.( He never went to preschool, since the thought of being away from him all day was just too stressful to me:> )I drove him the entire 3/4 of a mile to school that first year. By the way, what ever happened to WALKING to school? Anyways, since first grade he has had the same bus driver. His name is Mr. Jimmy. Alex is now in the fourth grade. In the last four years, dear Mr. Jimmy has never been late, never been sick, and has even knocked on our door to return things that our sometimes forgetful Alex left in his seat. God bless Mr. Jimmy. Not only do I trust him with our precious son, I admire the dedication and love that he has for these little folks. That to me is what School Bus Safety is all about- someone who cares for a child as if they were their own!!

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